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RE-LAUNCHED | Unscripted Sneaker Design Show | 9-week Master Class

March 20, 2017 – May 19, 2017

Registration Deadline:
Location: Portland, Oregon
Tuition: FREE - Full scholarship for tuition, shared housing and round-trip airfare

IF YOU HAD PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED YOUR DESIGN, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-SUBMIT. PENSOLE + 10×10 Entertainment + Lagardere Sports are teaming up for a new unscripted competition series in which talented young designers from around the world compete to design original sneakers for a very real prize; their own signature sneaker launched and sold at one of the largest footwear retailers in the world. In each episode the students will not only work on the grand prize shoe, but they’ll also have the chance to showcase their skills by creating additional custom-made sneakers for major celebrities. These celebrities will give our young men and women a creative challenge and inspiration for the sneaker. And throughout the week, our star will guide the competitors as they feverishly design and build their shoe. By week’s end, our shoe will be finished – unveiled on a stage and ready to be judged by our panel of celebrity judges. PENSOLE will provide scholarships for 18 hand-selected aspiring brand, footwear & color + material designers to experience PENSOLE’s rigorous 9-week “learn by doing” Master Class, where students are assigned various projects to develop from idea to prototype. The scholarships fully cover the cost of tuition, shared housing and round-trip airfare. ***NOTE: Class start & end date may change***

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